withdrawing – Showing at Grennan Mill this August


 withdrawing: to go or move back, away, or aside; retire; retreat: Filament Fibre Artists explore this theme in their reflective new exhibition dedicated to the memory of their friend and artist Mary Heffernan. This exhibition offers a time apart from the bustle of life and a contemplative moment to consider our own experiences of change, vulnerability and loss.

Filament founder members are joined by invited guests Kirsten Hodgens and Sonya Kinch for this new project as each individual artist responds to the theme withdrawing. Forms in clay, felt, wire and paper accompany pinned thread portraits, stitched nuno felt panels and handwritten lists. Each with deep significance and imbedded memory.

Pause for thought with Filament Fibre Artists at Grennan Mill, Thomastown from the 11th to the 18th of August, as part of Kilkenny Arts Week.



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Sonya Kinch, Working with Filament

Thank you to Filaments Fibre Artists for inviting me to join them these last 10 months to work in collaboration  towards the 2018 Kilkenny Arts Festival.
I found working alongside these artists to be so inspiring. I loved sharing ideas with other working artists. I really valued each members’ input, ideas into my work and I enjoyed contributing to theirs.
As the months rolled around, I found it increasingly exciting and slightly amazing to see the work unfold between the seven of us and to see the conscious and unconscious influence we all had on each others final pieces.
Through discussion, sharing ideas and feedback our work has merged into a meaningful collaborative body of work and I am eager to see it all exhibited together from August 11th at Grennan Mill.
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Preparation for Grennan Mill

Filament artists have been working towards their up coming exhibition and recently met to see how the various work relates and to start to put shape on a cohesive show. Lots of discussion can coffee later we are happy with the emerging show.



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withdrawing at Grennan Mill


Filament are delighted to confirm that we will be showing our new work “withdrawing” at Grennan Mill in August as part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival. The exhibition will be dedicated to Mary Heffernen and will feature new work by Jean McKenna, Hilary Bell, Sonya Kinch, Caroline Schofield, Kirsten Hodgens, Tara Ní Nualláin and Sheila Jordan. Further details to follow soon.




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Filament Work in Progress


Filament Fibre Artists are producing new work apace in preparation for our upcoming exhibition. We have recently had some productive meetings for the review of work in development and for exhibition planning.

Gaining feedback is a great motivation for the development of work in progress, often allowing us to see our work from new perspectives and creating new direction for individuals and for the group. Sharing ideas and work in progress is a great way to develop individual pieces with a coherent element in preparation for a group show. 





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Filament Welcome Kirsten Hodgens

Filament Fibre Artists are delighted to announce that Textile and Fibre Artist Kirsten Hodgens will be joining the group for the development of new work and for our upcoming exhibition. We would like to welcome her and are looking forward to drawing on her energy in the creation of new work.

Kirsten A4

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Sonya Kinch “Dublin and it’s Docklands”

Sonya Kinch_tidal pools

Sonya Kinch is currently exhibiting work in “Dublin and it’s Docklands” at the Ferry Terminal in Dun Laoghaire in County Dublin. The show is curated by Siobhan Bastable of “The Gallery Dalkey”.

Below is a selection of images from the “Barnicle Chronicles” series featuring wall mounted forms in stained porceline and Below Tide, glazed stoneware.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



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