The Mill Project Begins

A tour of the Mill

A tour of the Mill

This weekend the Filament Artists started their new project at the Mill in Kells in Kilkenny. Sheila Jordan gave an introduction to the mills history, its links with her family and a tour of the building and its surroundings.

Records show that a mill has been working on this site since the 11thcentury and although the current building is much more modern, there is an immediate

The mill wheel

The mill wheel

sense of history about this place. The group spent time soaking up the atmosphere and learning about the past life of this aging building which was once a busy and industrious place.

The group is enthused by the possibilities of this project and everyone was drawn to different aspects of the Mill. It was an exciting start to a new project for the group, we will be blogging about the development of work as we move through the project.

Inside the mill building

Inside the mill building

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