‘Through The Mill’ exhibition at Grennan Mill 8th-17th August

SONY DSCFilament Fibre Artists’ exciting new work inspired by a disused flour mill in Co. Kilkenny dating from the 12th century, has something for anyone who is interested in old buildings, local and social history, the beauty of flowing water or the engineering of the massive machinery it powered. Time and nature have impacted on the imposing structure and each of the six artists  represented here has responded to the building through the prism of her particular artistic practice.

Hilary Bell’s printed, felted and stitched pieces convey the beauty of the engineering and function of the mill.

Sarah Dawson has been inspired by river, from the still calm gurgling waters to the raging torrents as it squeezes through the sluice gate.

Lucinda Jacob has focussed on the mass and solidity of this once mighty industrial building through stitch and form.

Sheila Jordan’s work explores what is left behind when the workers have gone, tools scattered and rusting, and the mill is silent.

Jean McKenna has been drawn to the bridge over the mill-race which is decaying, leading to magical, crunchy surfaces and lace-like edges in her work.

Tara Ní Nualláin’s stitched pieces are inspired by the patching and piecing of the wooden floor in the upstairs rooms, and the words ‘preserve’, ‘maintain’ and ‘keep’.

The exhibition runs during Kilkenny Arts Festival from 10am on Friday 8th August to 6pm on Sunday 17th August at the Grennan Mill Craft School in Thomastown, Co Kilkenny.  Official opening on Saturday 9th August at 5.30pm. The Filament exhibition is on the ground floor of the mill with five other artists exhibiting through out this beautiful old building,  so its well worth a visit .  Cathy Dineen – Illustration, Gerard Casey – Painting, Klaus Hartmann – Pottery, Larry Kinsella – Candlemaking, and Suzanna Crampton – Photography.


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