Caroline Schofield 07-17

‘Layers 800’

After studying Fashion & Textiles in NCAD Caroline was lucky to find work as an art facilitator with an organization working with people facing mental health issues in their lives.  During this time she became fascinated by the healing effect of working together with the hands, how the resulting calm enabled trust, openness and deep communication and a release of creativity. This influences her work which explores the fragility of human life and the creativity that flows from the acceptance of the process. She continues to explore boundaries in this theme pushing materials and ideas equally in the process to see beyond the obvious to what lies behind.

Caroline is a member of Endangered Studios in Callan.



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Stitched face.

Exhibitions & Relevant Experience

Open Studio Exhibition Kilkenny Arts Office. 2012

3 Month Residency Kilkenny Arts Office. 2011/12

Pilot Project teaching with teacher in Loreto, Clonmel PDST & CCoI. 2011

‘Scavengers’ selected for CCoI Exhibition. 2011

Filament at RDS Knitting & Stitching Show (invited). 2011

‘Fault Line’ winner Felt Category RDS National Craft Show. 2011

Cill Rialiag Residency. 2011

Latitudes- Filament group Exhibition in Airfield. Part funded by CCOI & Dunlaoghaire Rathdown Arts Office. 2011

Shortlisted Golden Fleece Award. 2011

Artist in Action – Harrogate. 2010

RDS Filament Exhibition, Knit & Stitch Dublin (invited). 2010

‘Posthumous Memory’ selected for Thread Softly CCOI traveling exhibition to Cork Museum, RDS & Phoenix Park. 2010

Endangered Studios, Arts Week Group Show, Strand 2, Shutterbug. 2010

OPW Commission, Sculpture Layers 800 for Kilkenny Courthouse. 2010

Filament Group Exhibition, Castle Espie. 2010

Participated at Artists Working Studios, Knit & Stitch Shows, RDS & Harrogate. 2009

Endangered, Arts Week Group Show, Strand 2, Callan & Kilkenny. 2009

Woodstock Training for Real, Arts Office Kilkenny & Chrysalis. Selected for Public Art Project. 2009

Sculpture in Context (selected), Ebb & Flow. 2009

Hands Across the Border (selected), IPS/Northern Ireland Quilters. 2009

Dublin Embroiders Guild, Series of Lectures & Workshops. 2009

Awarded Bursary to Tyrone Guthrie Center, Arts Office, Kilkenny. 2009

RDS, Knitting & Stitching Group Show with Filament (invited). 2008

Sculpture in Context (selected), Reflected Growth. 2008

Selected to be member of Endangered Studios. 2008

Links, National Selected IPS Exhibition. 2008

Traveling Journal Quilts, Contemporary British Quilters. 2008

Side by Side, (selected) CCoI Exhibition in Hunt Museum. 2007

Loch Lomond Quilt Exhibition, Invited to show art quilt. 2007

Mixed Threads, Group Art Quilt Exhibition. 2007

IPS ’First Quarter’ National Selected Exhibition. Innovative Award for Origins Quilt. 2006

Arts Week, Kozo Gallery. 2006

Kilkenny 12, Group Arts Week Exhibition. 2005