Group Profile 2007

Filament Fibre Artists Group Photo

Filament Fibre Artists is a group of eight Textile Artists based in Ireland and was founded in 2007.

The members of Filament Fibre Artists come from a variety of backgrounds from textiles, ceramics and fine art to self taught experts in traditional skills. They met while taking a City and Guilds course in stitched textiles.

The individual artists found that working together in studio and drawing on the energy and motivation this produced yielded great results for all its participants and so when they completed the course in 2007 they founded Filament Fibre Artists aiming to provide mutual creative support and to promote fibre arts through exhibitions and workshops.

Filament Fibre Artists members now meet regularly to present work-in-progress, discuss techniques, approaches and innovation in fibre arts, to invite feedback and share advice. This has proved invaluable to its members who have now been working together for several years.

Filament Fibre Artists have staged exhibitions throughout the island of Ireland and have produced extensive work both as individuals and as a group, including exhibitions, workshops and various events for the 2011 Year of Craft and annual exhibitions for the Knitting and Stitching Show at the RDS. The group has received funding from the Crafts Council of Ireland and from Dun Laoghaire-Rathdown County Council for recent projects. These projects demonstrate their commitment to connecting with visitors to their shows and participants in their workshops, all with a view to raising the profile of fibre arts in Ireland.

Group Exhibitions and Links

2012  Filament Fibre Artists Group Show at the RDS

2011  Filament Fibre Artists Group Show at the RDS

2011 Latitudes Filament Fibre Artists at Airfield Trust

2010 Uncommon Threads, The Graffon Gallery, Castle Espie Co. Down

2010 Uncommon Threads, Samhlaíocht Gallery Tralee

2010  Filament Fibre Artists Group Show at the RDS

2009  Filament Fibre Artists Group Show at the RDS

2008  Filament Fibre Artists Group Show at the RDS

Jean McKenna

Jean McKenna

lucinda Jacob

lucinda Jacob


One Response to Group Profile 2007

  1. Mirka says:

    I’m arriving in Dublin on Friday, May 13, to drive around Ireland, especially west coast. I am a textile artist in northern California, briefly in Poland, and wonder whether you can recommend any shows or studios to visit until May 25.

    thanks so much,
    Mirka Knaster

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