Hilary Bell 07-17

Email: hilebell@gmail.com


Coming from a scientific/craft background Hilary Bell has found herself discovering the world of creative expression through completing a City and Guilds diploma in Design and Crafts – Stitched Textiles in 2007.

Feltmaking has been a particular interest over the last years, but it is the exploration of various techniques and materials and the combinations of these that lead her in a particular direction.

Her inspiration has come from looking at rocks and stones and this has led to an interest in the nature of matter, leading to an interest in sub atomic particles and the nature of matter and energy in the accelerating expansion of the universe.  Energy and Impermanence are themes which she would like to explore further in her work.

The Mill project, which Filament has embarked on, is interesting as the themes of impermanence and disconnectedness are very much present.

She teaches with Dublin Creative Textiles in Howth, (www.dublincreativetextiles.com) which has the aim of encouraging people to expand the conventional approach to textiles and enjoy the creative process


2012       Filament Exhibition at the Dublin K & S Show

2011       Filament Exhibition at the Dublin K & S Show

2011       “Latitudes” Exhibition,  Airfield , Dundrum, Dublin

2010       Filament Exhibition at the Dublin K & S Show

2010      “Uncommon Threads”, Samhlaiocht Gallery, Tralee, Co. Kerry

2010      “Uncommon Threads”,  Graffon Gallery,  Castlele Espie, Co. Down

2009      Filament Exhibition at the Dublin K & S Show

2009      Bag entitled  Baggage  accepted  for CCOI RDS  Exhibition

2008      Filament Exhibition at the Dublin K & S Show

2007       City and Guilds graduation exhibition at the K & S Show

2007       Feltmakers Ireland Exhibition, Blanchardstown Library